About us

Welcome to Paleo Perfections- so happy you found us!  We are a family run business dedicated to providing the healthiest and most delicious desserts possible. Our products are lovingly hand-crafted and individually made.  If you are longing to satisfy your sweet tooth but want to do so in a healthy way, you have come to the right place. 

The inspiration for Paleo Perfections started here: our former boss was experiencing tremendous success on the Paleo diet, but was frustrated that he could not satisfy his sweet tooth.  He looked everywhere for desserts that were in keeping with Paleo guidelines- but found none.  We decided to start fooling around with ingredients in the kitchen and created some amazing desserts.  What began as a fun challenge turned into Paleo Perfections.  

Our creations are guided by the Paleo diet which means that they are gluten, grain, soy, dairy, and free of added or refined sugars. While we started with the Paleo enthusiast in mind, we quickly realized that our desserts had a much broader appeal.  It seemed like everyone we knew had, or knew someone that had, a dietary restriction that made our desserts appealing to them.  For anyone who is on the Paleo diet, eating healthy, or has been prohibited from sweets because of various allergies-  this is a very exciting concept, and yes they taste GREAT! 

We know exactly what our desserts are made of, right down to the dark chocolate. This is because we use our own recipe! Store bought chocolate, even though advertised as healthy, is often filled with less than healthy ingredients. Our dark chocolate is made by us, from scratch, using only a few simple, organic, and Paleo friendly ingredients.  Our dark chocolate is simply amazing. We think you will agree.

After much trial and error, product research, and input from friends, family, and the community (who were kind enough to be part of our experiment); we developed our four flagship offerings: The Crescent Beach Round, Bradbury Bark, Baxter Bar and the Reid Bar. 

Please join us on this journey for healthy sweet eating.  We are confident you will love what we have to offer.   Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%.

Tasting is believing.