Our Story

Family-run . Gluten-free . Dairy-free . Soy-free . Grains-free . Refined sugar-free . Savory

The inspiration for Paleo Perfections started when our former boss was experiencing tremendous success on the Paleo diet, but was frustrated that he could not satisfy his sweet tooth. He searched everywhere for desserts that were within Paleo guidelines- but found none, so we decided to experiment witih ingredients in our kitchen and created some really amazing treats!

What began as a fun challenge quickly turned into Paleo Perfections!

We started out with the Paleo enthusiast in mind. This means that we challenged ourselves to create savory bars that would ultimately satisfy the sweet tooth of those who follow a diet that is free of gluten, grain, soy, dairy, and free of added or refined sugars. After perfecting our recipe, we quickly realized that these treats had a much broader appeal.  

It seemed like everyone we knew had, or knew someone that had, a dietary restriction that made our chocolate bars appealing to them. A great solution for anyone who is eating healthily, or has been prohibited from sweets because of various allergies – what an exciting concept, and yes they taste GREAT, too!