hand made dark chocolate

October 07, 2017

In a world where everything is made cheaply, we are standing our ground. Dark chocolate is available wherever you go. I was at... WalMart. And there was dark chocolate for sale. The packaging looked nice and, well, I had to read the back. As it turns out, there are many hidden oils and other things that don't line up with healthy eating. Sure, it was a little cheaper. And had a shiny package. However, it wasn't truly healthy dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is- good for you- if it is made properly. Fortunately- we make it right here, from scratch, with only organic ingredients. It's not easy. It's not cheap. But the end result is a mouth watering, melting mess of of pure chocolate goodness. As always: our dark chocolate is gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, grain-free, and added sugar free. We use a double boiler. We use a thermometer. We measure ingredients. We take care and pride with what we are doing. We order the finest all-natural, organic ingredients. Our dark chocolate is the real deal. Try some. You won't be disappointed.